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Known for his fun and funny personality and very positive vibes, his music is described as Tech House with a strong bass and beat, including some vocals and signature snares of the House genre. 


With a relaxed style and always being true to himself, shotgunwedding likes to break the general codes of the electronic music world with a strong and distinctive personality. The desire to give people have a good time, with a party carefree atmosphere. His way of composing makes his tracks dancefloor-optimized, rather than everyday tunes.


To date, shotgunwedding has released music on record labels such as WyldCard, Digital Empire, World Sound, Whore House, Nite Records and Twists Of Time.

In December of 2023 Fnkybsslne on WyldCard records reached #2 globally on the Beatport top 10 releases.


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